Marie Indahl


Om kunstneren


Trondheim, Norway

Vis CV

In these times of climate change, nature is also changing. Therefore, I indulge in using a semi abstract expression. I try to show change through colour, form, and texture through which I try to hit any onlookers’ emotional strings.

Colouring a canvas playing with the chaos colours, forms, and shapes create both excites and calms me. To find the flow working on a canvas in the pursuit of finding harmony and a kind of orderly sense, is an experience I warmly recommend for anyone doing something creative.

I find coincidence and chaos aesthetic, and I try to express a kind of fortuitousness in my paintings by leaving them in a sense uncompleted. As nature I am uncompleted too, and I have no problem admitting this in these times here everyone displays themselves as perfect in social media. As my paintings, I am not complete.

Said about Indahl’s paintings:

“Your expression combines both strength and vulnerability, and I think your paintings give me a kind of promise that I will find a story in them».